Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t guess. You don’t have to either. Here are a few answers to some of our more popular questions.

Why market research? What’s the benefit of research that doesn’t measure our specific organization?

Many organizations conduct visitor research (i.e., asking their visitors questions about why they visited, who they are, and what they thought of the visit). That is essential research, but risks missing some very important people—those who aren’t current visitors. Market research provides comprehensive intelligence, including information about public attitudes towards the organization and important data about trends in the local, regional, and national markets. To be data informed, we advise organizations to use both visitor and market research.

What we need doesn’t fit easily into one of these formats. What should we do?

Please contact us. We have listed common topics for workshops, presentations, and data services on this website, but we are also happy to talk to you about your unique needs and let you know if we have helpful data.

We are facing a specific decision (considering an expansion, investing in a major technology, etc.) and need guidance. Do you have data on these types of investments?

Yes, we have data on these topics and many, many more. Our data is especially helpful for organizations contemplating major expenditures. These important strategic decisions can expose an organization to serious financial risks, and we believe they should be informed by high-confidence data. Please see our Data Services for more. 

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