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High-confidence intelligence to inform your organization’s strategies and goals.

We can help you become a data-driven organization by revealing what is happening in the marketplace, who isn’t visiting (but might), and how your organization is perceived by visitors and non-visitors.

Awareness, Attitudes, and Usage Study

There is no substitute for the robust, comprehensive information gained via the conduct of an Awareness, Attitudes, & Usage Study (AAU). An AAU study quantifies trends in constituent behaviors, beliefs, knowledge, intentions, and perceptions. The results of the AAU study form valuable benchmarking and tracking data, findings organizations can use to measure changes in its market’s attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions over time.

The metrics quantified in an AAU study reveal a broad understanding of who is (and, of equal importance, is not) currently engaging with an organization’s brand and products (including facilities, programming, website, etc.), and how to motivate them to visit or otherwise engage. This engagement encompasses data updates each quarter and provides contemporary information.

Fee: Starting at $350,000 USD.

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An Awareness, Attitudes, & Usage Study conducted by IMPACTS Experience helps an organization:

  • Understand the thoughts, opinions, behaviors, and motivations of the total market – including current and potential constituencies
  • Identify potential barriers to engagement and the means by which an organization might overcome these barriers
  • Track vital conditions relating to factors such as trust, reputation, and value through quantitative, measurable means
  • Analyze key factors impacting its audiences’ decision-making processes
  • Develop new programs, products, and experiences intended to enhance audience engagement
  • Create a sustainable data development architecture that supports ongoing benchmarking and analysis

Feasibility and Market Potential Analysis

What will an organization’s annual attendance be for the next three years? How many more people will a specific exhibit bring through the doors? How much will a building expansion increase attendance, and how long will that increase last?

Before entities make a major investment, they need these answers. A Feasibility and Market Potential Analysis provides an organization with a data-based means of assessing the market potential of both the existing experience as well as the predicted impact of future projects and improvements. The data delivered from a Feasibility and Market Potential Analysis is the type of due diligence considered to be the vanguard of best practices for organizations contemplating significant investments, and also benefits an organization interested in understanding its realistic engagement potential for the near term and beyond.

Fee: $85,000 – $100,000 USD.

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A Feasibility and Market Potential Analysis conducted by IMPACTS Experience helps an organization:

  • Set realistic, data-informed expectations for attendance to help develop “right-sized” business, operating, marketing, and financial plans
  • Identify, quantify, and prioritize the specific factors that combine to create your entity’s visitor experience
  • Measure the market’s predicted response to experiences, exhibits, building expansions, special events, and other initiatives contemplated by an organization
  • Model the trade-offs organizations may consider during potential value engineering processes to ensure that initiatives under consideration achieve their desired outcomes
  • Allow for the accountability desirable in organizations whose missions value people, planet, and profit alike
  • Obtain highly-actionable intelligence so organizations – and, critically, their stakeholders, investors, and donors – may confidently implement planning and development strategies

Pricing Study

A Pricing Study informs the development of an optimal strategy to maximize admission and membership-related revenues without risking its total market potential.

Organizations often lack the specific data required to confidently develop a pricing strategy that maximizes admission and membership revenues without compromising visitor satisfaction and diminishing audience participation. Without good data, organizations may rely on intuition or comparison, risking significant revenue opportunities. A Pricing Study provides a rigorous, data-informed approach to quantifying the optimal price conditions for the maximum benefit of an organization.

Fee: $40,000 – $60,000 USD.

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A pricing study conducted by IMPACTS Experience helps an organization:

  • Determine the current optimal price-point for an organization that neither leaves money on the table nor jeopardizes attendance
  • Deploy optimal membership pricing categories designed to increase and optimize engagement, renewals, and other member-related revenues
  • Understand its market’s tolerance for any price change, and how such a change in the pricing condition may impact attendance
  • Remove intuition and trial-and-error experimentation from pricing practices, and replace them with fact-based strategies that maximize revenue and support
  • Conduct reliable, long-term financial planning informed by a data-driven approach to revenues

Concept Assessment

Will that new ad campaign concept be well received? Is your new program idea on brand for core audiences? How will more diverse audiences view it? Will new messaging appeal to couples without alienating families? Does it make target audiences more likely to visit?

A Concept Assessment provides confident, prescient insight into the answers to these and similar questions. The Concept Assessment allows an organization to test concepts for new programs, exhibits, or advertising campaigns when the idea is at its relative infancy and, thus, mitigate the risks attendant to developing and deploying concepts that ultimately fail to achieve desired objectives. The assessment process supports a data-informed analysis of the concepts’ relative merits based on factors such as favorability, brand compatibility, and the concept’s likelihood of motivating consumer behavior.

Fee: $25,000 – $35,000 USD.

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A Concept Assessment conducted by IMPACTS Experience helps an organization:

  • Quantify the realistic potential of a concept or idea to achieve its intended outcome (e.g. an advertising campaign attracting more visitors, a new exhibit helping to break through to a new audience, etc.)
  • Inform the development of iterative concepts based on the market’s response to the initial idea
  • Safeguard against implementing new initiatives that do not meet the market’s expectations
  • Ensure its engagement efforts are responsive to audience desires, hopes, and needs
  • Understand the nuance of new programs and initiatives to tailor products, services, and experiences to best serve unique constituent segments

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