Awareness, Attitudes, and Usage Study

Measure changes in your market’s attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions over time.

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Awareness, Attitudes, and Usage Study

There is no substitute for the robust, comprehensive information gained via the conduct of an Awareness, Attitudes, & Usage Study (AAU). An AAU study quantifies trends in constituent behaviors, beliefs, knowledge, intentions, and perceptions. The results of the AAU study form valuable benchmarking and tracking data, findings organizations can use to measure changes in its market’s attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions over time.

The metrics quantified in an AAU study reveal a broad understanding of who is (and, of equal importance, is not) currently engaging with an organization’s brand and products (including facilities, programming, website, etc.), and how to motivate them to visit or otherwise engage. This engagement encompasses data updates each quarter and provides contemporary information.

Fee: Starting at $350,000 USD.




An Awareness, Attitudes, & Usage Study conducted by IMPACTS Experience helps an organization:

  • Understand the thoughts, opinions, behaviors, and motivations of the total market – including current and potential constituencies
  • Identify potential barriers to engagement and the means by which an organization might overcome these barriers
  • Track vital conditions relating to factors such as trust, reputation, and value through quantitative, measurable means
  • Analyze key factors impacting its audiences’ decision-making processes
  • Develop new programs, products, and experiences intended to enhance audience engagement
  • Create a sustainable data development architecture that supports ongoing benchmarking and analysis

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