Pricing Study

Determine your optimal pricing conditions for admission and membership.

Our data services offer high-confidence intelligence to inform your organization’s strategies and goals.

Pricing Study

A Pricing Study informs the development of an optimal strategy to maximize admission and membership-related revenues without risking its total market potential.

Organizations often lack the specific data required to confidently develop a pricing strategy that maximizes admission and membership revenues without compromising visitor satisfaction and diminishing audience participation. Without good data, organizations may rely on intuition or comparison, risking significant revenue opportunities. A Pricing Study provides a rigorous, data-informed approach to quantifying the optimal price conditions for the maximum benefit of an organization.

Fee: Starting at $50,000 USD.




A pricing study conducted by IMPACTS Experience helps an organization:

  • Determine the current optimal price-point for an organization that neither leaves money on the table nor jeopardizes attendance
  • Deploy optimal membership pricing categories designed to increase and optimize engagement, renewals, and other member-related revenues
  • Understand its market’s tolerance for any price change, and how such a change in the pricing condition may impact attendance
  • Remove intuition and trial-and-error experimentation from pricing practices, and replace them with fact-based strategies that maximize revenue and support
  • Conduct reliable, long-term financial planning informed by a data-driven approach to revenues

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