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We help cultural executives develop business and audience engagement strategies based on high-confidence data.

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With research from the largest continuous survey of perceptions and behaviors concerning cultural enterprise in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe, IMPACTS Experience minimizes the uncertainty and risks associated with audience engagement.

Executive leaders face new behavioral trends and shifting demographics. Our high-confidence research helps leaders take action to create sustainable business strategies that maximize engagement, increase attendance, ensure continuing support, and promote long-term solvency.

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Research Methodology with Actionable Data

With research from the largest ongoing survey of perceptions and behaviors surrounding cultural organizations in the U.S. and data from 224 cultural organizations, IMPACTS Experience removes the guesswork and uncertainty involved in successfully engaging audiences.

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Keynotes, lectures, webinars, full-day, half-day, and board workshops explore trends, challenges, and opportunities with data developed specifically for your needs.

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Relevant Ongoing Analysis

On Know Your Own Bone, Chief Market Engagement Officer Colleen Dilenschneider shares data and analysis to inform the evolution of museums, zoos, aquariums, performing arts entities, and other visitor-serving organizations to help organizations optimize mission execution and financial sustainability.

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