Engaging keynote addresses and lectures to help you better understand your audiences.

Our informative presentations explore key trends facing cultural organizations.

Whether in keynote addresses at national conferences or guest lectures for graduate classes, we bring the data cultural professionals need.

Keynote Addresses

Ideal for conferences, annual meetings, professional development sessions, and other group settings, our informative, thought-provoking keynote presentations help cultural organizations better understand their audiences and shine a light on visitor engagement trends. 60-90 minute presentation, including a question and answer session.

Fee: $10,000 (nonprofit discounts may apply) plus airfare, lodging, and ground transportation.

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Popular topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Key trends for engaging visitors onsite and offsite
  • Overcoming cognitive biases to run a data-driven cultural organization
  • How social media, digital engagement, and technology impact onsite and offsite experiences
  • Why the people who report interest in visiting do not come, and what we know about them
  • Critical trends in membership and cultivating support
  • The data-informed importance of connection within cultural organizations – to people, to content, and to an organization’s mission
  • Engaging millennials

Trends Exploration Presentation

Whether a deeper dive on a specific area of interest or an overview of key trends, we work with entities to design these 60-120 minute sessions that best meet the needs of an organization, group, or association. These presentations include data cut for an entity’s region and/or area of interest.

Interested in an online presentation? We offer customizable webinars.

Fee: Starting at $5,000 plus airfare, lodging, and ground transportation.

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Popular topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The visitor engagement cycle and how to encourage attendance and endorsement
  • Overcoming cognitive biases to be a data-informed organization
  • Attendance trends and industry challenges
  • Key findings to increase visitor satisfaction
  • The importance of connection in visitation and support
  • The role of an organization’s mission in motivating behavior and attendance
  • Usage and impacts of onsite and offsite technologies
  • Overcoming the perception of “nothing new to do or see” and the major exhibit cycle
  • The importance of front-of-house staff members in the onsite experience
  • Emerging trends in membership
  • The data-informed role of social media in onsite and offsite engagement

Virtual Classroom Presentation

IMPACTS Experience cares a great deal about contributing to the education of emerging leaders. We will do our best to accommodate opportunities to be guest speakers for groups that may not have sufficient funds available and encourage instructors to reach out to us to discuss the opportunity.

Fee: Please inquire.

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 Popular topics include:

  • Overview: How to lead a data-informed organization
  • Understanding data and market research
  • Uncovering popular cognitive biases that hold up implementation of findings
  • Overview of biggest challenges facing cultural entities today and key to overcoming them
  • “How I got here” – our career paths and words of wisdom for emerging data champions


Webinars generally run 2 hours in length and provide opportunity for interaction and discussion. Focusing on one or two key topics chosen in consultation with the organization, each session is customized with regional and national data highlighting relevant trends. Webinars may be offered as single sessions or as a series covering multiple topics over a period of time. Suitable for practically any size group from a few participants to hundreds, webinars are particularly effective during this time of pandemic and post-pandemic limitations on travel and large group gatherings.

Webinars focus on one key topic or theme.

Fee: Starting at $2,500. 

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Popular topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Changes in audience expectations during the COVID-19 pandemic (safety, digital, etc.)
  • Key trends and challenges facing specific cultural organization types
  • Trends around building expansions and attendance
  • Marketing priorities in post-pandemic recovery
  • How an organization’s mission secures engagement, and how to maximize this
  • Understanding and alleviating barriers to attendance for new audiences
  • The importance of digital engagement
  • Critical trends in marketing and communications
  • Insight into improving the onsite experience and visitor satisfaction
  • What impacts an organization’s reputation and why it matters
  • Trends in engaging millennial audiences
  • The role of cognitive biases in executive decision making and how to overcome them

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